Don't get Attached.


im ok i just want to die a lot


Good fucking movie


the fact that some kids feel so uncomfortable about going to school each day that they get depressed and sick is an obvious sign that something is not right

Life is unfair.You put someone first who puts you second.You study your ass off for a final but still you get a “B”.You give 110% in a relationship to someone when they only give you 40%.You’re there for your bestfriend at 3am when they needed you the most and the next day,They wont pick up their phone.You care so much for someone who does not care enough about you to say “Hi” even once.You give someone your time and they give you “Sorry.Im busy”.It seems like you’re giving everyone your everything and they’re just walking away and giving you back…NOTHING.



How To Forget Someone

— Crank